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"Health is your greatest wealth."

I want for you, the same thing I want for myself; to live our best lives.  What is the recipe for that?  Well, it's different for everyone.  Different goals require different levels of commitment and different approaches.  This is where I come in. 

I am here to teach you the most effective tools of nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness or as some refer to it- mind, body, and spirit.  I have no agenda, no dog in the fight, other than wanting to help others who have struggled with the same pitfalls I have personally faced.  I don't believe there is one magical diet or one magical meditation practice that will miraculously vanquish all of your existing problems.  What I do believe is that success leaves clues.  When you study all of the diets or all of the successful leaders, you find commonalities among all of them.  THIS, is what I teach.  


-What is consistent across all effective diets?  -What is consistent across all effective mindfulness practices? -What is consistent among all successful people's daily routines?  


THESE are the takeaways, the nuggets, the easy "5-point guides" that I share with you.  Through my own personal obsession to find these answers, I have synthesized the overwhelming amount of ideas into recommendations that are easy enough for a millennial to understand (calm down millennials... I am one). 

So, do you wish you knew someone that could just explain nutrition in layman's terms?  Do you feel that you need to start meditating but you just don't know how to start or what to do? Do you want to start an exercise program that actually works but you don't know if you should do yoga, crossfit, weight lifting, or cardio?  Do you wish you had someone that could help you create a daily routine that generated more free time to do the things you love?  Or, do you just want someone to talk to that has personally struggled with severe digestive issues, depression, overwhelming anxiety, and a lack of purpose- someone that has overcome all of these setbacks and now teaches others exactly how to do it themselves?  Yeah. This isn't a greasy car salesman pitch.  This is transparent honesty of what I have grown through and what I have learned along the way.  I promise you that I will assist you in finding the most effective ways to bringing about the changes you wish to see. No agenda, no personal philosophy that binds me to one linear pathway for everyone, simply helping you find the most effective tools for making YOUR goals a reality.  

Starting with the fundamentals:

1. Food

2. Movement

3. Sleep

4. Fun, Family, Friends, Free Time

5. Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, or Spirituality  (whichever you prefer)

All of these assisting you in moving towards your dreams, your goals, while having the guidance, the focus, and the tools to do it as effectively as possible.

To health,

Ryin Cornett

  • B.S. Public Health Nutrition

  • Currently completing Masters in Functional Medicine

  • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

  • Certified Nutritionist

  • Organic Farmer

  • Certified International English Teacher (TEFL)

  • Researcher for leading-edge organic supplement company

  • World traveler: studied health modalities worldwide 

  • Meditator, Counselor, Personal Development Coach